Die Tänze der Renaissance. Tanzbeschreibungen im Internet.

The Round - Dance Resources
The Dancing Master (UNH Library)
Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society (DHDS)
The English Dancing Master
English Country Dance Terms
English Country Dance before Playford
An American Ballroom Companion - Dance Instruction Manuals
CWRU - Historical Dance Video Glossary
Del's Dance Book
Playford Wiki -- Playford's Progeny
Dafydd's Collection of Playford's English Country Dances
Dafydd's Collection of 15th Century Italian Dances
Dafydd's Collection of 16th Century Italian Dances
Estienne's Country Dance Book
Michael Barraclough - Notations
Dance Sheets
Mad Robin Ball Programm
SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage
Renaissance Dance
Renaissance Dance Sources
Joy and Jealousy: A Manual of 15th-Century Italian Balli
Medieval & Renaissance Dances
Il Ballarino By Fabritio Caroso, 1581
Dance of the Ages
The Calendar of Historical Dance - Choreographies
Dancetime Publications
Early Delights
Dance Links (Kingdom of Atlanta)
Colin Hume - Dance Technique:Playford for Good Dancers
Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)
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